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The Texas Center for Equity Promotion (TexCEP) is an interdisciplinary research center with the vision of eliminating disparities in education and health among populations underserved by these systems. Our mission is to support and conduct high-quality applied research, disseminate evidence-based information, and train future professionals regarding the nature, origins, contexts, effects, and elimination of inequalities in education and health. 

Faculty in the Center use interdisciplinary approaches to understand, and to create and deliver interventions that target the roots of inequities that surround children and families. Our applied, culturally centered research and practice activities emphasize social and behavioral well-being, with a focus on contextual factors that impact education and health-related outcomes. 

TexCEP was officially recognized as an organized research unit at The University of Texas at Austin in September 2020, and over this past year our Steering Committee has been organizing and developing the center. While we are still very much in the middle of the launching process, at this point in time, we are excited to open TexCEP for faculty and staff affiliation. 

TexCEP affiliation will provide

  1. access to a community of colleagues committed to equity-centered research, 
  2. access to TexCEP events and professional development workshops,
  3. the opportunity to post an affiliate profile on the TexCEP webpage, and
  4. access to grant development support.

From time to time, affiliates also will have the opportunity to apply for funding that becomes connected to TexCEP. Finally, TexCEP affiliates are eligible for consideration for membership on the TexCEP Steering Committee.

Once a faculty or staff member becomes a TexCEP affiliate, they can submit grants through TexCEP. As services and resources become available, active affiliates will be eligible to

  1. receive pre- and post-award grant administration support,
  2. receive methodological consulting when available,
  3. receive scholarly feedback on ideas for grant proposals,
  4. work with students assigned to TexCEP, and
  5. apply for TexCEP associated seed grants.

The community of researchers and practitioners at TexCEP invite you to consider joining us. 

If you are interested in affiliating with us and our work, please email the following to

  1. Your CV
  2. A short paragraph that includes why you are interested in TexCEP, how affiliation will be helpful to you and your research program, and what skills and expertise you will bring to the TexCEP community.

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